• CH_ss

    The most economical solution to particle removal for low to medium dirt loading.

  • Basket Strainer Elements

    Magnetic Insert Bag Housing

  • DCE_cutout

    • Available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 inch lengths
    • These meltblown filters come in either a 2.5" or 4.5" diameter
    • Depth filter cartridges have larger openings towards the outside of the element and smaller openings near the center

  • PP_cutout

    • Designed to hold 6.5 square feet of filtration media, making these a great value
    • Constructed with 100% polypropylene materials and are assembled using the latest thermal bonding equipment

  • ACE_cutout

    • Utilize depth filtration to achieve the highest level of filtration
    • The tightly controlled manufacturing process ensures consistent reliability for optimal filter performance
    • Their 100% polypropylene construction makes these elements versatile and suitable in a wide range of process applications