• Hy-trax

    Our series of HY-TRAX® Fluid Sampling Systems are advanced solutions that allow the sampling, analysis, communication and presentation of fluid cleanliness data within a wide range of hydraulic and fluid applications. This high-tech piece of equipment measures the fluid contamination levels (ISO code), and with optional water sensor, the temperature and water concentration of the fluid.

    The HY-TRAX® provides maintenance managers with the visibility and vital information necessary to pro-actively schedule preventative maintenance on local and remote equipment.

    Our HY-TRAX® Systems come in two modes, a Manually Controlled System for a more hands on cleanliness experience, as well as our Telematic Communications System, which allows for wireless, remote visibility and tracking through an online dashboard.

    And, in 2017, we developed a solution for the incorporation of our HY-TRAX® retrofitted onto our popular offline filtration solutions, the MFS, MFD, KLS and KLD filter system solutions.

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