The FCU1310 is a portable service unit for the temporary measurement of particulate contamination, water saturation and fluid temperature in hydraulic systems. The integrated pump and the hoses included in the scope of delivery of the FCU 1000 series enable application on:
control circuits
pressure circuits and
depressurized containers
All measurement data (ISO, SAE/NAS and % saturation and temperature in ºC or ºF) are stored in files (measurement value file) and folders (measurement points) in the internal data memory. The data memory takes place with a time stamp. The evaluation can then be readily carried out on the PC in MS Excel or in HYDAC's own Fluid Monitoring software (FluMoS). For application in hydraulic systems, for the Service Department in the mobile hydraulics and for maintenance.
Suitable for hydraulic oils up to 350 mm2/s (hydraulic oils up to ISO VG 68)
For short-term operation (S4, in accordance with DIN EN 60034/VDE 0530)
Unit of Measure


Short Description

N/A Si portable particle counter with Saturation and temp sensor

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A ISO 4406:1987; NAS 1638 or ISO 4406 1999, SAE AS 4059 (d)


N/A Contamination/Saturation Sensor

Seal Material

N/A Viton


N/A Mineral Oil Based Hydraulic Fluids


N/A 13.15 kg29.00 lb

Mounting Type

N/A Portable

Operating Temperature [Min]

N/A 0 ºC32 ºF

Operating Temperature [Max]

N/A 70 ºC160 ºF

Inlet Size

N/A 16/20 Test Points

Inlet Type

N/A 16/20 Test Points

Output Signal

N/A Universal Serial Bus (USB)

Power Supply

N/A 115 VAC

Operating Pressure [Max]

N/A 345 bar5000 psi


N/A 350 cSt1600 SUS


N/A Flumos mobile

Degree of Protection

N/A IP67



N/A Portable particle counter provides Particle counts and saturation sensor, integrated pump for testing pressureless reservoirs. Usable with Flumos light and Flumos mobile. Data is stored onboard and can be downloaded to a thumb drive.